Financial aid for the purchase of a car in 2020: list, conditions, amount

Conversion bonus, ecological bonus, bioethanol conversion aid, CAF loan… There are several aids (national or local) to reduce the bill when buying or renting a new or second-hand thermal, electric or hybrid car.

The ecological bonus in 2020

The ecological bonus is a financial aid, introduced by the State in 2008, to encourage the French to buy or lease (either with a purchase option or for a period of at least two years) a new energy-efficient and low-polluting vehicle.

This aid, which is granted without means testing, is traditionally reserved for electric vehicles (a car or van with a total authorised laden weight of up to 3.5 tonnes) which emit less than or equal to 20 grams/kilometre of CO2. New internal combustion vehicles and second-hand electric vehicles are not eligible for the environmental bonus.

What is the amount of the ecological bonus in 2020? As part of the government’s recovery plan for the automotive industry, which was severely impacted by the coronavirus health crisis and the resulting eight-week containment, a new bonus scale has been introduced as of June 1, 2020.

The conversion premium in 2020

Scrappage Bonus 2020

The conversion premium, which has replaced the “scrappage premium” since 2010, is a financial aid granted by the State. In 2020, this aid is granted when a new or “clean” used vehicle (thermal, electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, hydrogen) is acquired (purchase or lease in LOA or LLD) in exchange for the scrapping of an old diesel or gasoline vehicle.

Obtaining the conversion premium (and therefore its amount) depends on several parameters:

FOR INFO: the conversion bonus can be combined, under certain conditions, with the ecological bonus.

An exceptional conversion premium for 200,000 cars

On 1 June 2020, the conversion premium was extended as part of the post-confinement automotive recovery plan.the aid, of up to EUR 5,000, is now concentrated for households with an RTS per unit of less than EUR 18,000 (compared to the usual EUR 13,489).

Furthermore, the eligibility criterion for vehicle scrapping is relaxed to include Crit’air 3 vehicles (petrol vehicles registered before 2006 and diesel vehicles registered before 2011), in addition to Crit’air 4, Crit’air 5 and unclassified vehicles.

WARNING: this new version of the “scrapping premium” is only temporary and only applies to the first 200,000 accepted applications. After that, the conversion premium will revert to its former functioning.

It should be noted that the cumulation of the “new version” conversion premium and the ecological bonus can provide aid of up to EUR 12,000 (as opposed to the traditional maximum of EUR 11,000).

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