"Charlie Hebdo": the life sentence of those who remain

"And after his death, how did it go for you?" "" I think I've gone a little crazy! », Answers Hélène in a mixture of distress and tenderness followed by a small laugh which resembles a choked sob.Hélène shared the life of the economist Bernard Maris when the attack of January 7, 2015 destroyed everything.At the helm witnesses, her little eyes almost hidden by her mask, bring to life the enthusiasm of the young couple she had formed with him for two years and dust.Instants of modest intimacy in front of an assize court loaded with terrorist files.She mimics with her hands this period “when couples are still young but already strong…”.She describes Bernard Maris' projects, his desires, his desire to be at the same time “a great transmitter who hates people to believe that the economy is very complicated ”but also“ an artist ”,“ a poet, who wrote in the morning ”.

This Friday, September 11, the specially composed Assize Court hears one last time families and relatives of the victims of "Charlie Hebdo", who all, one after the other, give the details of a national drama that everyone thought they knew but discover with each new speech.

A curious intimacy

In this procession, Hélène is much more than an extra.Her story with Bernard Maris was so well known and so vivid that it is mentioned in Emmanuel Carrère's latest book, “Yoga”.Bernard Maris “loved that […] this pretty and sharp blonde q

Posted Date: 2020-09-14

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